Saturday, February 11, 2012


Or in other words too much amniotic fluid. I have A LOT! No wonder she's a wiggle worm, she's got plenty of swimming room. Baby girl is healthy so the cause of the Polyhydramnios may be that I have Gestational Diabetes. Oh yay... I don't take my glucose test till next week, so I won't know tell then. I've given up all sugar for the past 3 days. Which is making me have headaches, but I know I have to do it. No more sweets, diary or white carbs as advised by my Doula.

I'm feeling very uncomfortable lately. My ribs ache and I have a weird tender spot that throbs on the top of my belly, it keeps me up at night. I feel like I'm literally going to POP! My belly is so tight and hard. 10+ more weeks of this? I hope I can do it! So here's Baby Girl at 25wks 4days:

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