Sunday, September 4, 2011

what the heck?!

Yea, what the heck Kristina? Terrible blogger.

Kailee is such a talker, blah blah blah blah blah.

Her favorite sayings: " I don't like it too much" "Gio, stop licking me", "wake up mommy!", "can i watch mobies?" "what's foh dinnah?" <-- saying this at breakfast and lunch time. " I'm sheepy", & "I neeh help, mommy" and constantly saying " i want belle, beeyudee and da bees" or "liddle mermaid" Those are her favorite disney movies or "mobies" lol.

Mommy has been busy busy busy. My outcall massage business is growing. I finished the kitchen remodel. I'm the incredible shrinking woman. I've gone from 148-150ish to 132. Woot woot! Go me! Also exciting news! I'm planning on applying to the new Disney hotel, Aulani. The spa is hiring and I've got lots of friends who've referred me. I'm excited! Wish me luck! Now I'll leave you with some pictures