Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm Baa-ack!

I know I know, I've been gone for a while. No I did not want to blog while I was on vacation because, well, I was on vacation! haha...

So let me just tell you about our vacation. Well after the crazy business of the bridal shower, bach party, and wedding. Which went soo well! My hard work payed off for the bridal shower and bach party, it seemed everyone had a great time, especially Johanna. The wedding was beautiful and my bff Johanna was gorgeous! So after all that the next day we left for Cali. Kailee did super on the flight. It was a red eye and we had an empty seat next to us, so that helped. Kailee warmed up really quickly to her Lola (grandma). She really loved her Lola. My mom was such a baby hog! Haha not a problem with me! She also really loved her uncle Rodel! ;)

So we went to "the happiest place on earth", Disneyland!! We took Kailee on a few rides like the Dumbo ride, Haunted Mansion, Winnie the Pooh, & the Carousel ride. She did great on them. She actually was very alert and paying attention to everything! What was really cool was Fantasmic. Such a great show. Kailee loved the lights and fireworks too.

Hanging out with my mom and brother were great. Also hanging out with the girls and them finally meeting Kailee was special. And all our little ones played well with each other. So cute!

Then off to Portugal! Long flight = misery. Kailee did fine but I was so uncomfy the whole flight. Ugh! But when we were finally there... Yay!

There was suppose to be a taxi driver with a sign that had our name on it. We looked and looked but no Switzer. We saw a "SWAZTZIA"... but we thought, "no that can't be us, not even close!" haha So we ended up just getting our own taxi. It turns out that the "swatzia" was probably us. hahaha, oops!

So Papa Switzer couldn't make it to Portugal to meet us, which was such a bummer. But Mimi and Auntie Sofia were there so that was nice. I got to go to a Norah Jones Concert the 2nd night. We were in the 3rd row VIP. yea fancy! lols She was AH-MAZE-ZING! I love her. I liked her before but seeing her live made me a true fan! So we did a lot of 2 things: Eating & Walking. Kailee adjusted well to the new environment and new people giving her lots of attention. It was just a great relaxing vacation. I loved it! I will post pictures in the next blog!