Thursday, April 29, 2010


So I got my Canon Rebel camera back yesterday! Woohoo!

It malfunctioned 2 weeks ago so I had to send it in. Good thing it's still under warranty!
I've been taking pictures on Auto for the most part. Just haven't had real time to learn the manual functions. Last night I found a few websites and blogs that have DSLR photography tutorials. So I've been experimenting. I've got a long ways to go but I took some cool ones last night.

Can you tell my theme was water? lols

For Mothers Day I told Troy I was Photoshop Elements... and chocolate. =)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So this is my 3rd week of doing ZUMBA classes. I decided to check it out since I was hearing about it on Facebook. The Bloch arena gym at Pearl Harbor has some Zumba classes and only for $3 a class. I was nervous so I invited my friend and fellow Navy wife Danny. So I get to the gym and see all these "Zumba people". You can definitely tell who the "Zumba people" are. They had different colored bandannas on (I was actually going to wear a bandanna to keep my hair outta my face, good thing I didn't! Otherwise others may have thought I knew what the heck I was doing ) And some wear these bright cargo like pants with straps one the sides, like these:

So I'm already intimidated by the cool "Zumba people"! But let me tell you, it was SOOO MUCH FUN!!! Like the Zumba Instructor told us before class. It's ok to look like a fool, just dance in like you're in your own bubble. The music was fun and hip. Nothing too corny. We even dances to the "Humpty dance" song. You know that 80's hip hop song! What fun! I was sweating so much! It's great cardio!

I love to dance! But since I'm a mommy now, I don't go out "clubbing" anymore. So this was great! It releases all my stress and let's me shake my ass! All while getting fit! I have to admit I'm addicted now! I can't wait till the next Zumba class!

It's so popular that when I go to the 6:30 class at the Hickam gym (which is free). They give out 100 (free) tickets for the class, and by 6:15 they have run out! I was number 100 the 1st time I went to the Hickam class! Phew!

I go to the classes every MWF night. So hopefully this will make me a "skinny betch" in no time! lmao!!!

Go check out your local Zumba class, I bet you'll love it!

gotta get better at this!

Gosh it's been a while... again! Whoops! I tend to have too many things going on to even think about blogging! It's 11pm and feeling guilty for not writing on this blog for a while. So here I am.

It's Troy's weekend so today we went to get the results of his sleep apnea test. So he has Mild Sleep Apnea and it's recommended that he get the CPAP mask. I doubt he'll even wear it. Well maybe he'll try it then get annoyed and throw it across the room... who knows! But I've known he's had sleep apnea for a long time now. He's a snorer.. a loud one! There will be these odd noises he'll make, from not breathing in correctly, or from a blockage, then there will be this loud startling gasping sound, then he's back to "normal" snoring... But I've gotten use to it, I hardly even notice it really. Except when he drinks... the volume of his snoring and gasping is turned up, way up! I make him sleep on his side when it gets too bad.

So after the clinic we go to Nico's at pier 38. This restaurant was on Diner Drive Ins and Dives. And man was it yummy! I had the catch of the day which was Swordfish w/ a watercress cream sauce! Troy had the Furikake crusted Ahi. Both were D-LISH! We will be back for more!

After our yummy lunch we went to watch a movie. Yes you heard me right, watch a movie at a movie theater WITH the baby! It's a Tues at 2 o'clock I knew there wasn't gonna be much people. I was hoping for a an empty theater but no luck. There were only 2 other couples there so not bad. I fed Kailee before the previews, she feel asleep during the previews and sleep through the WHOLE movie!!! SUCCESS!!!!!! haha I had her in my arms the whole time, she tends to sleep longer when she's sleeping on me. And I had a blanket covering her ears so it wouldnt be too loud. I know this was just LUCK... we may not get lucky the next time we try. But I was so happy, I hadn't gone the the movies with my husband since before giving birth!

Well I'm getting sleepy, oh so sleepy... must keep eyes open.... I'll get back to ya'll later and talk about my new obsession and love for ZUMBA!!!!

Peace out! =)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm ALIVE!!!!

haha Yes it's been a long time. I think I kinda forgot about this. You know being a mommy is keeping me busy! I've been taking care of Kailee, of course. Also my other child... errr.. I mean my Husband, lols! I've also been trying to learn how to crochet. My mom crochets and I remember when I was a child she tried to teach me. All I remember is how to do the chain stitch. Well what inspired me were these cute hats on I wanted to buy them for Kailee but they were pricey so I decided that I would learn how to do it. I got this book called: Stitch & Bitch: the Happy Hooker... haha funny title. But I have to squeeze it in when I can because Kailee is keeping me busy. Haven't made anything yet, but I'm getting all the different stitches down. Here's a few pics of cute crochet hats I was inspired by:
Troy and I are also on a diet! The South Beach Diet. We did Phase 1 which is very intense: no sugar no carbs. It was supposed to be for 2 weeks but I think the diet was affecting my breastmilk production so we moved on to phase 2. Now we can eat good carbs like Quinioa, Whole Grain pastas. I lost about 8 lbs on the 1st week, crazy huh? I'm also starting to take Zumba class. And I love it!!! I'm on operation "Skinny Betch" haha I'm trying to get to MILF status. lmao!

So hopefully soon I'll have some great before and after pictures.