Thursday, February 11, 2010

blah blah blah

Yay! It's Thursday! It's Troy's "friday" and he get's a 4 day weekend, woohoo!!!

I bought a jogging stroller the other day from craigslist for $75, and it's a excellent condition. I'm pretty happy with it.

On Tuesday I went to the field with Troy. He usually has soccer practice on Tue's & Thur's so I will be trying to run while he plays soccer. Well on Tues no one showed up for practice so Troy and I jogged together. It was nice because he was motivating me to go a little farther than I probably would by myself. I'm debating about signing up to do the Ford Island 10k run. I'm no runner, I don't really enjoy it, but I want something that will help motivate me and also if I do it it will be a great accomplishment for me!

Tomorrow Troy, Kailee and I will be going on a the lighthouse hike then to the beach. We will be trying to do more outdoor activities to 1. make the most of living here, 2. it's free! and 3. get more active/ be healthier

So Troy will be talking to a Coast Guard recruiter soon, to see what they have to offer and if it would be a good idea to transfer. I'm very anxious about knowing what the plan will be for after October. I'm teh kind of person that need to know plan a, plan b and plan c! But Troy's the kind that says or thinks, "we'll see", "it's not here yet"... etc It frustrates me because I need to know! But if we end up moving I have decided to go to Nursing school. A vocational school that is faster than the traditional college route. Yes i'm doing the typical "filipino nurse" route but I know I'll enjoy it and it will be more beneficial for my family.
Well I'm crossing my fingers that we will end up moving to So Cal or Florida!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010


So I am diving into the world of couponing. I'm a complete beginner... a little clueless, but with the internet I can learn the ropes! So I'm following a couple coupon blogs like:

Today I used 2 coupons! WOW! lols! haha I got some dog treats and a glow-worm for Kailee. I've been wanting to get one for her so with a coupon I finally got it!

I remember when I was young I had one and I LOVED it! Hopefully this cute little glow worm will be her "BFF", lols!

So besides couponing today I went to target and got some Johnson & Johnson bath products for 2 for $5. Good deal!

I also got Kailee a Bumbo chair with play tray:

I know that this chair is a little controversial. Some say it's bad for baby. But I believe that yes it's bad for baby if you leave the baby in it unsupervised and if you leave baby in it for a long time. Some parents leave the baby in it for too long, which is bad for there spine/back. But just for short playtime it think it's fine! I like that she can watch me while I clean up a bit and also that she can play with her toys when I put it on the tray. And maybe when she starts eating solids (in a couple months) I can use this as her feeding chair in the beginning then transition to a traditional high chair.

Well that's it for now... until my next shopping adventure!

I'm on a quest to find Cover Girls smokey eye blast. I can't find it anywhere!